Kids headphones and earbuds

Kids' headphones and earbuds.

Safe volume limiting, great sounding earbuds, durable headphones, True Wireless earbud designed for smaller ears. Make the most of road trips and online learning. Free shipping on orders $50+, 24/7 customer support.

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Designed in California. Built for quality.
Innovative Design

Thoughtfully crafted aesthetics.

Designed for all ear sizes — kids earbuds come with 5 pairs of ear tips (XXS-L) and adults earbuds come with 3 sizes (S, M, L).


Unmatched performance.

Since 2023, all SoundForm products are fine-tuned with Belkin Signature Sound, a frequency balance engineered to deliver high-fidelity audio at safe volume levels.

Dive into crystal-clear sound with our earbuds. Advanced noise cancellation ensures an uninterrupted audio journey, letting you feel the rhythm, not distractions.

Safety and Reliability

Safe by design.

Every SoundForm product undergoes 150 meticulous quality tests, ensuring perfection before it reaches your ears.

Our kids earbuds prioritize safety with an 85dB volume limit and a built-in audio safety cap, ensuring their ears are protected as they enjoy worry-free, healthy listening.

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